The Deep Blue Galapagos Diving Yacht presents this page who provide accurate information about our yacht and departures, to make easier the contact between visitors to Galapagos Islands.


Deep Blue Galapagos Land & Diving Itinerary

  PM: Cristobal - PM: Isla Lobos Check Out Dive
TUESDAY: AM: Punta Carrión  
  PM: Punta Carrión  
WEDNESDAY: AM: Darwin 2 Dives    
  PM: Darwin 1 Dive      
THURSDAY: AM: Darwin 2 Dives    
  PM: Darwin 1 Dive    
FRIDAY: AM: Wolf 2 Dives    
  PM: Wolf 1 Dive    
SATURDAY: AM: Vicente Roca 2 Dives  
  PM: Vicente Roca  1 Dive  
SUNDAY: AM: Rocas Cousin 2 Dives    
  PM: El Chato –Charles Darwin Station Land visit  
MONDAY: AM: Land Visit to Interpretation Center San Cristobal Departure