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Guayaquil City Tour & Historical Park

Details : The city tour in Guayaquil consists in various panoramic visits and walks through the city. A first stop will be done at the Administration Plaza, around which you will observe the City Hall, the Monument Sucre and finally the Seminario Park, also known as the Iguana Park.

 Later on, the bus will take us to the Southern Malecon 2000 where you will appreciate the Integration Plaza with its famous Southern Marketplace or Cristal Palace and then connect to the Olmedo Plaza a very important


for its monument to Jose Joaquin Olmedo, recognized poet of Guayaquil and ex president of the Republic.

Our third stop (the largest one) will allow us to see different important monument of the history of the city from the Morisca Tower. Among them, the monument of the 4 elements of the Planet.

Then we will walk toward the Rotonda Monument with the statues of Simon Bolivar and San Martin. We will then proceed, in a panoramic way, the visit of the rest of the Malecon 2000, with its restaurants and recreation places for children. Optionally you can visit the garden area of the Malecon in which can be seen many tropical plants such as : Teca, Guaba, Mango, helechos, bromelias, ficus, almendra...

After the visit of the Malecon, the bus will take to the neighbourhood of the Peñas, oldest part of the city in which you will have the opportunity to climb the numerous steps until the Cerro Santa Ana and watch Guayaquil and the river Guayas like from nowhere else.

Finally we will end our tour at the Flower Marketplace with its colourful different kind of flowers.

After the City tour, you will enjoy a visit to the Historical Park, in which you will live an experience from the Antic Guayaquil with its characters, traditions and architecture. Located only at 30 minutes from Guayaquil, the Historical park is divided in 3 parts on 8 hectares of fielda